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Once people get the chance to see Brad Parsons Band, formed around the Portland-based singer-songwriter, they don’t easily forget. As an Artist-At-Large for both Winter WonderGrass and the Northwest String Summit this year, Parsons has been enrapturing audiences across the country with his almost-unreal powerhouse of a voice and his genre-bending blend of psychedelic rock and Americana.

And, it’s not just his steadily growing fan base that knows that he’s got something special going on. The former member of Horse Feathers gets a lot of love from other musicians, including being tapped as a special guest for Fruition for last year’s Jam Cruise. His songs and style aim to hit you right in your chest and his big voice goes for your gut. He begs you to sing, shout, dance, laugh and cry with him with songs that sound like standards but are wholly unique to his own style.

Brad’s first full length album “Hold True” is due out this January.

This pic with @thelincolnlog pretty much sums up my #telluridebluegrass experience. Note that this photo was taken by John Ryan Lockman of @showlovemedia whilst riding his bike and reasonably inebriated. Mad props
Miller Lite knows what you've been through.
Fun times at Telluride playing drums with @fruitionpdx #telluridebluegrass #holdtrue
Fun times at Telluride playing drums with @fruitionpdx #telluridebluegrass #holdtrue
Brad Parsons at Lagunitas in Seattle FREE SHOW in a quaint environment
FREE SHOW in a quaint environment
Brad Parsons added an event.
#tbt to a few years ago at NWSS when @kaylorkillsman and I were doing some goofing. Tonight me and this dude will be bringing our own brand of tender hearted scum baggery to Corvallis for a house show. PM me ...
Me and my Dyl Blues #theydontknowwhatwebeenthru 📷 by @lisalefteye2
Great times with @polecatband this weekend! 📷: @lisalefteye2 #holdtrue #theydontknowwhatwebeenthru #getbacktawerk

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